• Summer break

    13 February 2014

    The next CRCL/CLB seminar will take place Friday the 11th of september. We will have the pleasure to welcome Gérard Eberl (Institut Pasteur, Paris). The title of his talk will be available soon.



  • 2e International Symposium of the CRCL

    26 March 2015
    Congress Centre of Lyon, 21-23 september 2015
    To register and submit an abstract (deadline 27 May): click here

  • Congress and conference in oncology - EACR

    11 March 2013
    You can find on the EACR website  various congresses, symposiums or workshops in the field of oncology research. More information: click here
  • Hallmarks of Cancer : Focus on RNA

    14 August 2015
    October 9th-10th 2015
    Institut Curie, Paris
    Information and registration: click here
  • Memorial Jurg Tschopp & SSORL/SSAI Meeting Montreux 27 & 28-29 April 2016

    18 May 2015
    Memorial Jürg Tschopp - Symposium
    Organisation Departement of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne

    Music & Convention Center, Montreux, Switzerland, April 27 2016
    For more information:


Scientific news

Scientific news

  • Caspase-1 autoproteolysis is differentially required for NLRP1b and NLRP3 inflammasome function

    18 November 2014
    In the context of the nucleotide-binding domain and leucine rich repeat pyrin containing 1b (NLRP1b) inflammasome activation by anthrax lethal toxin, we reveal a new role for full-length caspase-1. The work of Baptiste Guey in Dr Virginie Petrilli team directly demonstrates that the caspase-1 45-kDa zymogen is able to process pro–IL-1β and to induce pyroptosis, and that apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a CARD is dis- pensable for the activity of the NLRP1b inflammasome. This is in contrast to the NLRP3 inflammasome activity, which is inhibited in the absence of caspase-1 autoproteolyis. Our data, which highlight differential requirements for caspase-1 autoproteolysis in NLRP1b and NLRP3 inflammasome function, may have implications for pathogen recognition and response.
Job opportunities

Job opportunities

  • Postdoc position in A. Puisieux's team

    16 July 2015

    Applications are invited to apply for a 2 year postdoctoral research position to investigate the Role of EMT inducers during malignant transformation within the “EMT and Cancer Cell Plasticity” CRCL team headed by Alain Puisieux. More information: click here

  • Scientific writer position at CRCL

    03 July 2015
    A 3-y scientific writer position is available at the CRCL. For more information: click here
  • Postdoc position in M. Gabut's team

    16 April 2015
    A full time post-doctoral fellow position in RNA-seq analysis is available in the M. Gabut team for a 3-year period. The objective of the project is to perform a comparative transcriptome analysis of cancer stem cells, normal stem cells and GBM tumors using next-generation sequencing (RNA-seq). For more information: click here
  • Postdoc position in F. Zoulim's team

    10 April 2015
    The F. Zoulim team recruits for an initial period of 2 years with private funding, a highly motivated, independent, junior post-doctoral fellow to participate to our program of research on Hepatitis B virus. The research project focuses on the understanding of the HBc (the capsid/core protein) nuclear functions in the HBV life cycle. For more information click here
  • Postdoc position

    04 April 2014
    Dr Julien Marie's lab  is looking for a motivated post-doctoral candidate to study the effects of Transforming Growth Factor β on the regulation of T cell immune response. More information: here