• Vendredi 4 mars 11h30 Salle ONCORA

    vendredi 13 février 2015

    Le prochain séminaire médico-scientifique CRCL/CLB se tiendra le vendredi 4 mars en salle ONCORA (Centre Léon Bérard, 2e étage). Nous aurons le plaisir d'accueillir Eric SOLER (Laboratoire d'Hématopoïèse Moléculaire, CEA). Plus d'informations seront disponibles prochainement. 



  • Save the date : Conférence grand public 6 juin 2016 au CIRC

    vendredi 6 novembre 2015
    Save the date
    Le Centre International de Recherche sur le Cancer (CIRC, OMS) organise une conférence grand public le lundi 6 juin 2015 à 18h30 dans ses locaux (150 Cours Albert Thomas, Lyon 8e) sur le thème "Avancer contre le cancer". Inscriptions gratuites mais obligatoires à partir de mars 2016 via le lien suivant : cliquez ici
  • Conference "Responses to DNA damage: from Molecule to Disease"

    lundi 26 octobre 2015

    The Conference on "Responses to DNA damage: from Molecule to Disease", scheduled for April 17-22, 2016 in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands is the next of the 5-yearly meetings on DNA repair organized on the initiative of the laboratories in Leiden, Rotterdam and Sussex.
    Registration and abstract submission are opened (deadline January 31, 2016). More information: Repair 2016/Default.htm

  • Memorial Jurg Tschopp & SSORL/SSAI Meeting Montreux 27 & 28-29 April 2016

    lundi 18 mai 2015
    Memorial Jürg Tschopp - Symposium
    Organisation Departement of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne

    Music & Convention Center, Montreux, Switzerland, April 27 2016
    For more information:
Informations scientifiques

Informations scientifiques

  • Netrin-1 regulates somatic cell reprogramming and pluripotency maintenance

    lundi 28 septembre 2015

    Published in Nature Communication, september 2015 by F. Lavial, P. Mehlen and collaborators
    The generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells holds great promise in regenerative medicine. The use of the transcription factors Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and c-Myc for reprogramming is extensively documented, but comparatively little is known about soluble molecules promoting reprogramming. Here we identify the secreted cue Netrin-1 and its receptor DCC, described for their respective survival/death functions in normal and oncogenic contexts, as reprogramming modulators. In various somatic cells, we found that reprogramming is accompanied by a transient transcriptional repression of Netrin-1 mediated by an Mbd3/Mta1/Chd4-containing NuRD complex. See full abstract on PubMed.

  • SMARCA4 inactivation defines a group of undifferentiated thoracic malignancies

    lundi 28 septembre 2015
    Published in Nature Genetics in septembre 2015 (Le Loarer et al., Equipe JY Blay & C. Caux)
    While investigating cohorts of unclassified sarcomas by RNA sequencing, we identified 19 cases with inactivation of SMARCA4, which encodes an ATPase subunit of BAF chromatin-remodeling complexes. Clinically, the cases were all strikingly similar, presenting as compressive mediastino-pulmonary masses in 30- to 35-year-old adults with a median survival time of 7 months. To help define the nosological relationships of these tumors, we compared their transcriptomic profiles with those of SMARCA4-mutated small-cell carcinomas of the ovary, hypercalcemic type (SCCOHTs), SMARCB1-inactivated malignant rhabdoid tumors (MRTs) and lung carcinomas (of which 10% display SMARCA4 mutations). See full abstract on PubMed.
Offres d'emploi

Offres d'emploi

  • CDD Technicien au CRCL

    jeudi 11 février 2016
    L’équipe CRCL Anticorps Anticancer dirigée par Charles Dumontet recherche un technicien ou un assistant ingénieur avec des compétences en modèles murins pour un CDD de 6 à 18 mois à compter du 31 mars 2016. Plus d'infos : cliquez ici
  • 2-y postdoc position

    lundi 28 décembre 2015
    We are currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join the “Activin Tumor Signaling” group (P. Bertolino). More details click here
  • Postdoc position in D. Bernard's team

    lundi 28 septembre 2015
    Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research scientist to join the “Senescence Escape Mechanisms” lab at the Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL, France). For more informations: click here
  • Postdoc position in M. Gabut's team

    jeudi 16 avril 2015
    A full time post-doctoral fellow position in RNA-seq analysis is available in the M. Gabut team for a 3-year period. The objective of the project is to perform a comparative transcriptome analysis of cancer stem cells, normal stem cells and GBM tumors using next-generation sequencing (RNA-seq). For more information: click here
  • Post-doctoral position open in Julien Marie's Lab

    jeudi 16 avril 2015

     Dr.  Julien Marie lab is looking for a motivated post-doctoral candidate to study the effects of Transforming Growth Factor β on the regulation of T cell immune response.More information click here

Appels d'offres

Appels d'offres

  • Appels à projet 2014-2015

    jeudi 9 avril 2015

    ANR - calendrier des appels à projets : cliquez ici
    INCa - calendrier des appels à projets : cliquez ici
    Ligue nationale contre le cancer - calendrier : cliquez ici
    ARC - calendrier des appels à projets : cliquez ici
    Europe- programme HORIZON 2020: cliquez ici