Teaching and training


With nearly 60 Lecturers and University Professors within its research teams, the CRCL maintains a very strong link with higher education in health and medical research.

The staff of the CRCL are particularly involved in the Master of Cancerology offered by the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Master 1 : Solid theoretical and practical training in all areas of cancer biology allowing access to the three specialties of Master 2.

Master 2,  3 specialities available :

  • M2 “Biology of cancer
  • M2 “Therapeutic innovations in oncology”
  • M2 “Oncology 3.0 : omics studies to personalized medicine”

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An international dimension

The master’s degree in oncology was labeled by PRES (University of Lyon – Saint Etienne) in spring 2013, and will continue to develop an international exchange program that allows many foreign students to come and do an internship at the CRCL or, for French students, to be hosted in a laboratory of a partner university.

Since 2013, 120 Master students, M1 and M2 combined, have been able to complete an internship abroad (Harvard, Stanford, Tokyo, Shanghai, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, etc.).

In order to promote these exchanges, existing agreements with the universities of Tokyo, Shanghai, Ottawa, Sherbrooke and Montreal.

Pierre Aubert, currently PhD at Harvard University, talks about his experience of the Master of Cancerology.