Biological Sample Management Platform – PGEB

Missions and objectives

At the interface of diagnosis and research, the PGEB is an essential structure which offers its skills to the medical/scientific community to promote innovation.

The creation of this platform, in 2009, results from an institutional wish to optimize the organization and use of samples arising from patients who have given their consent.

Its missions include the collection, conservation, preparation and provision of biological resources and are divided into several activities:

  • Sample management within the framework of industrial promotion of clinical trials (BEC-technique);
  • The institutional collection of biological samples from patients of the Center and clinical trials promoting studies by CLB or UNICANCER (the Center for Biological Resources);
  • The extraction of the nucleic acids necessary to carry out numerous molecular studies in close connection with the genomics platform (the Extraction station);
  • The provision of fresh tissues to research teams, at the interface with the Ex vivo platform and the Biopathology department (the Fresh Tumors station).
  • The hosting of external collections such as those of the UNICANCER federation since 2012 or MESOBANK since 2015.

The activities of the PGEB are certified according to the NF S96-900 and ISO9001 standards for clinical trials (respectively since 2009 and 2013). This ensures the traceability and quality of samples, as well as compliance with ethical rules, and continuous improvement of practices.

Each year, nearly 300 clinical trials requiring biological samples are ongoing (local or industrial promotion). Thus, more than 21,000 biological specimens are collected and processed each year and to date nearly 70,000 biological specimens (225,000 tubes) are available for the medical/scientific community.

The Biological Resources Center - CRB

The institutional collection of the Léon Bérard Center includes tumor tissues (frozen or fixed), biological fluids (whole blood, plasma, serum, PBMC, saliva, stool, etc.) and derived products (DNA, RNA, etc.) …

Sample traceability and associated data are implemented in software developed specifically by CLB IT specialists and fully integrated into the computerized patient record, ensuring data protection, backup and control. This thus allows the medical/scientific community to have access to samples of quality, associated with clinical and biological data further increasing the value of the samples.

For any sample request, or sample analysis project :

  • A biological resources request form accessible on the CLB intranet. This form should be sent by email to the CRB coordinator (
  • The coordinator will check the feasibility and actual availability of the samples requested, then send the request for opinion to the Medical/Technical Committee which considers these requests monthly.
  • The cost of providing and / or processing the sample is calculated.
  • The clinical/biological data processing form is sent to the DPO of the CLB.
  • You are notified of the decision and can then receive the samples by signing the release form in which the rules and regulations of users of the CRB are reported.